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We deliver fresh flowers within a 30-minute range of Portland, Maine 7-days a week. Our floral ingredients change weekly, depending on what’s in season and looking the most amazing. From May-October we source from Maine farms, and off-season we buy through select wholesalers.

Orders can be placed right here through the site. For next-day delivery, orders must be in by 5:00 p.m. Same-day delivery is often available, please call or text to confirm.

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Where do you deliver?

We deliver within a 30-minute range of downtown Portland, Maine. Generally this includes Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Falmouth, Yarmouth, and Cumberland.

May I choose which flowers and colors you use?

We purchase and work with the most amazing flowers available each week that suit our aesthetic and mission. We consider special requests, but can’t guarantee that we will have specific flowers or colors in stock.

Am I buying the same arrangement pictured on the order page?

No. This is an example image. Our arrangements vary weekly depending on what flowers we have selected based on season, beauty, shape, etc.

May I pick up my flowers or come visit your space?

We are a studio florist working from a private space, not a storefront. You’re welcome to call with questions, but we do not have a retail or public space for visitors.

How long will the flowers last?

We tend to buy long lasting and slightly closed up blooms that with proper care, will slowly unfurl in your home. We occasionally opt for fragile flowers that are more ephemeral. Expect some flowers to last more than a week, and others to wilt more quickly. How long they last also depends on conditions and treatment post-delivery.

How do I care for my flowers so they last as long as possible?

Keep the vase water full and clear. Our flowers are very fresh, often straight from a flower farm, and will rapidly drain the vase water, so refill as needed. If the water gets cloudy, it will clog the stems causing them to wilt, so change it if this happens. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, sources of heat, and moving air.

Do you sell plants, balloons, fruit baskets, teddy bears, orchids, etc.?

No. We are a boutique studio florist specializing in seasonal flower design.